Forever Too Far by Abbi Glines (Too Far #3)


Long Story Short!

Blaire and Rush are once again faced with another series of Nan-problems. Nan is Rush’s step-sister, who is also very protective of Rush. After knowing that her father is Kiro, Nan goes into a series bitchy fits. She directs her anger towards Blaire who is currently pregnant with Rush’s child, as she felt that Rush was taken away from her by Blaire’s relationship with him. Thus her bitchy fits has led a pregnant Blaire and Rush to LA where Nan is currently living and thrashing out matters with Kiro. (Kiro is part of Slacker Demon, which is Rush’s father, Dean’s band) Rush has to make a choice over his pregnant soon-to-be wife, or his helpless unloved sister who also happens to be a giant bitch. This is the final instalment of Rush and Blaire’s story!

What the 16 year old thinks…

Abbi Glines has once again, and for the last time, showered us with her epic awesome sex scenes. With a pregnant and horny Blaire, the sex scenes cannot be any hotter. Rush is waaaaaay more protective in this final book, which makes him hotter. Not to mention, Blaire’s pregnancy hormones are sending her emotions over the edge. Thus, in this final instalment there’s an air of tension hanging over Blaire and Rush. With Nan’s annoying bitchy fits, it puts their relationship to the final test. Not to forget, Abbi Glines has sneakily slipped some bits of Twisted Perfection into this story. Which lets us see the connection between Twisted Perfection series and Too Far series. I also presume there is some bits of Simple Perfection teasers in this book 🙂

Other Rants.

This book did not really surpass my expectations. Out of all three books, I have to say Never Too Far has to be the best one yet. Forever Too Far was too angsty as Blaire overreacts over every single thing. (maybe because Blaire is pregnant), so it annoyed me quite a little. This made me fall for Rush even more as he has been nothing but a total sweetheart throughout this book. I did not shed a single tear in this book and it did not really have any tear-jerking moments AT ALL ):< Hence it was sort of a disappointment. I could not really feel the genuine-ness of their relationship at all 😦 It is almost like another ‘pregnancy’ book. I guess it’s good because it means that Rush and Blaire has finally found happiness. I thought that the tie in of Della from Twisted Perfection into this book was really well done. All the pieces for perfectly 🙂

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